5 Women to Watch in 2022

Amanda Rumore
4 min readJan 1, 2022

As we celebrate the New Year, it is time to look to 2022. Last year showed that women owned 31% of small businesses nationwide. We expect even more expansion in the year ahead, and we are especially noting the women entrepreneurs who are working hard to make a beautiful impact around the globe.

We are sharing five leading ladies that are sure to set trends in 2022. We suggest you follow them to watch great progress.

1.The Self Esteem Doctor, Dr. Simone Alicia — Founder of The Self Esteem Doctor Academy, Dr. Simone specializes in HOW to raise self-esteem using mind, body, and soul. Dr. Simone found the international Academy to ensure children around the globe, regardless of location or socio-economic status, have access to proven self-esteem building tools. Through free and paid Academy courses, plus her self-esteem building products on Amazon, TSED (aka The Self Esteem Doctor) is ready improve self-esteem around the world! Read more at https://www.theselfesteemdoctoracademy.com/. Follow Dr. Simone on Instagram here .

2. Stephanie Heath of SoulWork — Stephanie created SoulWork to be a leader in the job search space by having a precise focus of helping women negotiate soul aligned six-figure salaries and step into their leadership. In 2022, SoulWork is utilizing their Six Figure Catalyst and Career Catalyst program to assist more highly sensitive professionals looking to exit the job market quickly and find a soul aligned position. Read more at https://www.soulworkandselfies.com/. Follow Stephanie on Instagram here.

3. Shantelle Bisson, Without Losing Your Cool — Harried mother of three Shantelle Bisson guides you through raising a family, all while keeping your cool! Let’s face it — raising children can take a wrecking ball to your ambitions, your finances, your relationships, even your health. But, as mother of three Shantelle Bisson will tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. In the Raising Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool series, Shantelle sets out how to get ready for baby‘s arrival, helps you through the big push, the TEEN years all while keeping a journal for YOUR sanity! Years and years and years of work. Therapy. NLP. Spirituality. Coaching. If there is a healing modality out there; She’s likely done it. And you know what? It worked. She’s not only still standing, she’s thriving and living this thing called life without losing her cool! Read more at http://www.shantellebisson.com. Follow Shantelle on Instagram here.

3.The Beauty Boss, Denise Walsh — As an international beauty expert, The Beauty Boss has a strong commitment to Self-Love. She provides wellness, beauty & health services in Arizona, and soon launching a Luxury IV Drip Bar that will set new industry standards. From Alaska to Italy and everywhere in between, Denise is leaving her mark everywhere she goes. From in-person appointments to virtual consultations, Denise is the making a long-lasting impression as THE Beauty Boss. Read more at https://www.thebeautybossrn.com/. Follow her on Instagram here.

4.International Intuitive Coach, Bianca Jade — As a professional intuitive, spiritual coach, and author, Bianca is focused on helping clients live a more conscious life. She helps people step into their own power — to honor where they’ve been and who they are becoming. Whether you facing a career change, a relationship struggle, or health issue, getting an intuitive perspective provides guidance and often times confirmation to follow the inner voice you hear and ignore. From Private Sessions, Workshops, and Personal Development Coaching, Bianca operates environments that fit her clients. Read more at https://www.biancajadeconsulting.com/. Follow Bianca on Instagram here.



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